Non-bank loan

We provide instant non-bank loans for any purpose: pay off debts, mortgage loan, school, starting a business, wedding, renovations, repairs and expansion of the business or home.
The loans are matched to the type of the customer needs like: business, independent, personal, student and more..
We are aware to the urgency of the requests we get and therefore the eligibility test is a fast process, application forms that are fully submitted are getting higher priority than other application forms and the test is even being performed immediately.
The loan is carried out within 24 hours after the approval.

Carmel Non-Bank Loan – about

Carmel is a non-banking finance company, which specializes in providing instant loan, loan against pledge and mortgage loan. We have rich experience and knowledge in the field of non-bank loan with convenient repayments.we provide business loans and personal loans. Carmel offer a fast track to direct credit for getting a loan. you can apply for a loan quickly and simply for any purpose.

Carmel Non-Bank Loan – Benefits

  • Free finance consultation.
  • No commissions.
  • Instant loans – within 24 hours!
  • loans service across the country.
  • High integrity: reliability and confidentiality.
  • Courteous and professional service.

Our range of credit solutions include:

  • Instant Non-bank Loans.
  • Payment terms are adjusted and comfortable refund.
  • A wide selection of tracks of credits to choose from.
  • Loans up to 50,000 NIS without requiring collateral.
  • Non-Bank Loans over 200,000 NIS.

Our customers enjoy attractive conditions, treatment by experienced specialists, reliable service and discreet.

Non-Bank Loans – required documentation

Necessary documents – Employees:

Checking account print of the last three months.
Copy of 3 most recent salary.
ID card.

Documentation Required – Independent:

Checking account print of the last three months.
3 Recent tax reports.
ID Card.

Non-Bank Loans – application process

* Fill in the form with all the details.
* Attach all required documents.

Apply for loan now:
loan request form